Volunteering at the Reivers Festival

Volunteer-and-SupportReivers-FestivalHow does the Hawick Reivers Festival come together?

As members of the organizing committee we often ask ourselves that very question, even as the date for the festival looms large on the calendar.

The answer is simple. People!

Yes, there is a festival organising committee who do just that, organise.  Beyond that there are many local people in numerous clubs, societies and our local primary schools, as well as many individuals who come together to produce an ever evolving and improving festival. They are the people who really make it happen. Without them the event could not take place.

Being involved in the production of an event such as the Reivers Festival can, at times, involve a bit of hard work, but the end result always engenders a sense of achievement and the satisfaction of a job well done.

All of the people involved in the process of producing the Reivers Festival are volunteers. Some of these volunteers are there from the beginning of the first event of the weekend on Friday, to the end of the last event on Sunday. Most people though, come along to assist at one event, or even for a part of one event. All of their contributions are highly valued.

So, if you have enjoyed the High Street parade, been impressed by the antics of our re-enactors, taken part in the torchlight parade or marvelled at the fireworks display, why not become a part of it all?

Be one of the people who help to make it happen!

No special skills are required other than a desire to do something for your town. If you would like to volunteer some of your time to the Reivers Festival, whether for a particular event that you are interested in or if you would like to be part of the organizing team please contact us.