Saturday 25th March 2017

16th Century Market

Saturday, 10.30am till 3pm, Hawick High Street, Town Hall Area
Including Reivers Trials, Live Entertainment and Reivers Games

Reivers Encampment

Saturday, 10.30am till 3pm, Wee Haugh
Full programme of re-enactments including
displays of horsemanship, Musket Drills and hand to hand skirmishes with static displays of life in the
16th Century Border Lands.

Reivers Games

Saturday – High Street 11.30am

This popular event will again be on the High Street to be in the centre of the activities. Games will kick off at 11.30pm after the opening events and will last for approx one hour. All our local primary schools will take part for the honour of winning the Andy Norman Trophy. Come along and cheer your favourite school on.

Re-enactment Groups

Border Clansmen

This Hawick based group – formed in 2009… having survived their first trip abroad last year – taking part in the battle of Grolle in Holland … will be enacting a “Warden’s Rode” at this years festival.

The Hawick Reivers Festival is an event that all of the club looks forward to annually – and kicks off our season of events. The club will be appearing as reivers; and will be under the wrath of the Bishop’s curse. On display will be the club’s excellent barbour surgeon – plus the usual weapons and armour on show…. Feel welcome to come along – ask questions – and even try on some of our kit.

On this occasion we are delighted to be joined by “The Earl of Loudouns Regiment of Foote” and by two “Austrian Mosstrooper”

Living History Ireland


Living History Ireland is one of  Northern Ireland’s largest re-enactment, living history group covering from Viking to WW2 and all in between attending events from March every weekend to November. We take a keen interest in all periods of Ulster Scots history and can provide tented village dressed camps for most centuries that show all aspects of life, we have a large collection of hand weapons, cannons, musket right up to modern. Our camps have all sorts of industry on show to enhance the public’s experience such as Black Smith, wool spinners, medics with the primitive tools, wood craft, kitchen display how food was prepared grinding corn and wheat and many more displays. Our fight teams are well practised in the art of war and train on a regular basis with all sorts of weapons. LHI regularly take part in films and documentaries and supply props, weapons  and extras to the mainstream movie industry.

Best of Times Worst of Times

The “Border Reivers” try to dramatically portray all aspects of everyday life in the Borders in the late 16th century: food, entertainment, daily tasks, politics, combat and training.

Members of the group use “authentic” clothing, weapons, props and skills of the times. Combatants must train in the use of the sword, targe and polearm to ensure that a high degree of both safety and correct technique are maintained. The “Border Reivers” take part in a variety of displays throughout the year, from “living history” displays for national organisations such as the English Heritage to educational events for schools and fetes to charitable events and even films.

Les Amis d’Onno

Les Amis Equine-Canine stunt troupe was founded in France in 1999 by Jacob & Bethany Martin and the Martin family. In 2008 they moved back to their home in the Scottish Borders and have since grown to become Scotland’s only Equine-Canine stunt troupe specialising in Equestrian Theatre and stunt shows (including jousting) performing dogs and Vintage Cabaret.

Les Amis d’Onno is now a troupe of full time professional performers, each summer touring Scotland and the UK with their main ring arena shows, such as Western and Stunt Jousting Shows, and each winter touring their Vintage Cabaret and Equestrian Theatre shows in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow including a three week run of Halloween western shows at Gleneagles in October 2O14.In between touring Les Amis also appear in photo shoots, TV and film productions such as the Fairy Flag, Outlander Series Two and the upcoming Outlander Series Three.

The Douglas Society


The Douglas Retinue aims to bring to the public a vibrant, interactive and exciting interpretation of medieval military and civilian life during the latter half of the fifteenth century. We are able to puts on a wide range of Living History events in Scottish history, through to the French one Hundred years War and subsequently the English Wars of the Roses. We portray members of the Douglas family Retinue who fight as a spear block this includes common foot soldiers, men at arm and low status Knights.

Our aim is to give our audiences a historically correct but entertaining event.

School Events

Drumlanrig St Cuthberts – 12 noon

‘Reivers Characters’

We will bring you a variety of role-plays highlighting the lives lead, not just by big names like Kinmont or Robert Carey, but also by the ordinary folk of the Reivers time, focusing on the characters and how their lives were effected by the time they lived in. There’s the story of James Graham of Liddesdale. Killed for having his sheep stolen! Barnhill –  a ruthless Reiver determined to rid himself of a troublesome warden. Archie Graham – A Reiver intent on marrying his sweetheart – despite the fact that she’s English. Robert Carey – famed for standing up to the Reivers. And Kinmont Will – possibly the most famous Reiver of the lot. Escaped from Carlisle Castle with a little help from his friends.

Stirches Primary School – 12.45 PM

‘A Reivers Romance’

Wat o’Harden was one of the most famous of our Border Reivers. His name has been handed down in song and story. He was bold, intrepid, and daring yet with a kindly disposition. He married Mary Scott, the Flower of Yarrow and had several sons who inherited his reiving instincts. It was Will Scott, Wat’s son who was caught red handed by Sir Gideon Murray of Elibank after a raid, and to save himself from the hanging tree had to marry Murray’s daughter, “Muckle-Moothed Meg”, a girl of strong opinions whose sharp tongue had scared off all her suitors. This incident is the basis of the Stirches play written by Alan Jermison.

Hawick  Archaeological Society Talk

Saturday 25th March  at 1.30pm

Venue:  Heritage Hub (Silver collection at door)

Title  “The first to call Hawick a home” – Simon Routledge, his origin and legacy

Simon de Routluge was the first Burgess of Hawick and the first to be recorded who could call Hawick his home. The Routledge name, however, is often considered to be an English name; if that is the case then why was an English man the first Burgess of Hawick? This talk examines Simon’s origins, life and legacy in Hawick, Cavers and Liddesdale. It follows what is known about Simon’s life in Hawick and explores his descendants’ exploits from their raids against Buccleuch to the land they owned around Cavers, to the lands of Cumberland and even to the 15th Century French Royal Court. Together we will seek to answer the questions: Who was Simon? Where did he come from? What is his legacy?”

Tom Routledge

Tom-RoutledgeBorn in Sunderland, England and brought up visiting every Roman Ruin and Castle in the North of England as a child a passion for history was ignited at an early age. In 2005 I began researching my family tree after hearing tales of sheep and cattle stealers in the family. Unable to go further back than 1580 I began researching the history of my surname and gathering any information I could find. Through my research, I inadvertently discovered strong Scottish connections but an even stronger one to Hawick and the surrounding area. In 2012, along with 15 other likeminded enthusiastic Routledges, we founded the Routledge Clan Society with an aim to promote our history and be recognised as a Scottish name. I have been Chairman since the formation and 2017 will see our 5th Anniversary with nearly 70 members across England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Canada and America. We see an exciting future for our society as our historical research has opened further avenues to Scotland, Ireland, The French Royal Court, The Declaration of independence, the American Constitution and even Napoleon and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Currently I am serving as an Avionics Engineer in the RAF at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire having previously been in the East Midlands and Morayshire during my 12 year career so far.

Torchlight Procession & Fireworks

Sponsored by


in partnership with Wilton Lodge Regeneration Project

This year the fireworks display is again at Wilton Lodge Park. Please note due to work in the park, the spectator area will be at the bandstand. Please note there will be no toilet facilities!

Main admission to the fireworks display will be from the museum area. To ensure public safety, other entrances to the park will be closed off.

The torchlight procession will leave the Common Haugh at 6.45pm and glow sticks for young participants will be on sale from 6pm in the Common Haugh.

Torches will only be sold to those 16 years of age and over. Parents are advised the lit-torches should not be carried by young children.

Join the Laird and his Lady for a Reivers Banquet


Saturday 25th March 8.15pm in the “Banqueting Hall” at Hawick Old Baths

Scotch Broth

Roast Beef with Roast Vegetables
with Bread Sauce or Gravy
All served on a Bread Charger

Clootie Dumpling
Custard or Cream

Bannock and Cheese

Fine Fare served by Lindsay Grieve

Entertainment will be provided by local minstrels including Michael Aitken, Henry Douglas, Billy Young and Robert Scott in the “Banqueting Hall” at Hawick Old Baths

Tickets £15, Primary school child £8

Table of 8 = £100

Tickets available from Border Events, ILF Imaging and Dorwards, Hawick

All forms of dress welcome but why not take the chance to get into the spirit of the Reivers and dress for the part! Nothing elaborate required! (or just bring along your sword or helmet to defend your lands!)

Costume ideas

Ladies – long skirts and shawl
Men – Breeches, (or binding round lower leg) simple tabards or loose shirts etc